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Your Playertek Kit

PLAYERTEK is the world’s first GPS-enabled, competition-grade performance wearable designed specifically for footballers who want to personally track how they are performing.

Created with the same technology and apparel used by professional athletes and teams, your PLAYERTEK kit contains the following items:

playertek pod and vest

Setting Up Playertek

Time To Up Your Game!

Step 1

Start by charging your PLAYERTEK pod. To do this, plug one end of the USB cable into the pod and the other the end into the wall or a powerstrip via an adapter. It is best not to charge your pod through a laptop or a computer.

playertek pod charging

The middle red light means the pod is charging.

playertek pod

When the light turns green, it’s fully charged.

Step 2

Download the PLAYERTEK app. You can find the app by searching for “PLAYERTEK” in the App Store on your iPhone, or pressing here

Note: Two PLAYERTEK apps may appear in the App Store. Make sure to download the app that says PLAYERTEK. The PLAYERTEK TEAM app goes with our team product and will not work with your pod.

playertek app download

Type 'Playertek' and hit search

Step 3

Open the PLAYERTEK app and hit “Sign Up” to create a new account with an email username and password of your choice. If you already have a PLAYERTEK account, select Log In.

playertek app - setup 1
playertek app - setup 2

Step 4

Enter your player details. We ask for this information in order to make your performance stats as accurate as possible.

playertek app - setup 3
playertek app - setup 4

It's Game Time!

Are You Ready?

Step 1

Turn your pod on outside 5 minutes before your session. The left light and the right light should both be blinking green before you begin. The left light means the pod is on, while the right light means that the pod has picked up GPS signal.

Note: The lights don’t always blink together

playertek pod charged

Step 2

Once both lights are flashing, place the pod in your vest and you’re good to go!

playertek pod - insertion 1 playertek pod - insertion 2

Syncing Your Session

Note: If you decide that you want to wait and sync your session later, you can turn your pod off by pressing the middle button down for a few seconds. When the right light starts flashing quickly, take your finger off the button and the unit will turn off.

Step 1

When you are ready to sync, just make sure your pod is on. Your pod is on if the left green light is flashing. To complete the sync, turn your bluetooth on, open the PLAYERTEK app and press sync in the left hand menu.

playertek app - syncing 1

Step 2

Once in sync, the app will automatically begin searching for the pod. A page saying “1 New Session Found” will then appear. Hit the blue sync button again when you see this and wait for the session to upload.

playertek app - syncing 2
playertek app - syncing 3

Press 'Sync' to download session

Step 3

View your session by selecting it after it has been synced or by pressing on the sessions tab in the left hand menu.

playertek app - syncing 4

Press your session summary to edit your session.

Step 4

Name your session. You can name it whatever you would like. Then, select if the session type is either training or a game. The difference between the two is that if you select game, you can see your first half performance compared to your second half performance.

playertek app - syncing 5

Press 'Set Pitch'

Step 5

Set your pitch by moving it with your finger over the area that you played on. You should be able to see your pitch on Google Maps. You can change the size of the pitch by either editing the length and width (in meters) or manually changing the size using the arrows on the pitch. When you are done, press save on the Pitch Positioner section and then press save again on Session Setup.

playertek app - syncing 6

Press 'Save' to save the pitch

playertek app - syncing 7

Press 'Save' to save session

Analyzing Your Session

Step 1

You are now ready to view your session! Once it has been saved, you will automatically be taken to a summary of your performance.

playertek app - analyze 1
playertek app - analyze 2
playertek app - analyze 3

Swipe right and left to view different pages of the session.

Step 2

Stats are compared in percentages to a professional in the same position.

playertek app - analyze 4

Step 3

Tap on your heat map to see your zone map and once more for your sprints map. The heat map shows your average location on the pitch (red being the area you spent the most time in, blue the least). The zone map shows which zone you spent the most time in (split between defence, midfield and attack). The sprints map shows the location of where you started and ended your sprints, plus the direction of your sprint.

playertek app - analyze 5
playertek app - analyze 6
playertek app - analyze 7

Tap the pitch to switch views

Step 4

Swipe on the charts to view each of your metrics in 5 minute breakdowns.

playertek app - chart 1
playertek app - chart 2
playertek app - chart 3

Swipe on the chart to change the metric

Step 5

The last page compares each of your metrics in the first half with each of your metrics in the second half.

playertek app - compare


The League is one of the coolest functions in PLAYERTEK.
To view leagues, tap on the app’s left hand menu and select leagues.

World League

The World League is the ranking of every Player that uses PLAYERTEK based on the number of total sprints that they have done while using PLAYERTEK.

playertek app - leagues 1
playertek app - leagues 2

Team of the Week

Swipe right to view Team of the Week. Team of the Week is composed of the Top performing players who use PLAYERTEK based on the number of sprints from that week.


Swipe right once more to view your Friends League. You can add a friend by searching your friend’s name and pressing on the profile icon with the plus. Once your friend has confirmed, you will be able to rank your performance against theirs. You can measure total sprints and total distance from all your sessions combined, along with your top speed across all sessions. To change the metric that you want to compare against your friends, simply tap on the middle of the screen.

playertek app - leagues 3
playertek app - leagues 4