Heating up

Our Connected GPS provides you accurate Heat Maps of your performance. Have you stuck to the game plan? Now you can track your positioning and see if you really did light up the field.

Speed King

Using an inbuilt accelerometer, the PLAYERTEK tracker will let you know who has the pace. Train hard to improve your speed and you’ll see it in your data. Time to switch the afterburners on.

Get Fit

Get ready for the season, come back from injury or improve your fitness – we’ve got you covered. Track your performance and see how hard you really are working. Push yourself each session and see if you drop off in the second half.


Join our leagues. Improve your game and shoot up world league and your own friends league, let’s see who has bragging rights. Who knows, you might even end up in Team of the Week.

The Pod

Professional grade sensors make almost 2500 measurements every second


10 Hz GPS The ideal balance of battery usage and accuracy
400HZ Tri-Axal Accelerometer Compression to 100Hz for storage
10HZ Tri-Axal Magnetometer
500 Mah Lithium-Ion Battery Up to seven hours operation long battery charge shelf life … charge on Monday and use at weekend.