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    PlayerTek is a revolutionary GPS player tracking system that analyses and improves the performance of teams and individual players.

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Our team solution is the innovative player tracking system which uses our GPS sports vests to help coaches make informed decisions based on statistics to enhance their athletes' performance.

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Why you should use GPS technology to improve your football

Football’s best kept secret for over a decade, professional players have become reliant on technology to give them the insight they need to prepare, perform and recover at an elite level. PlayerTek is bringing that innovation to all abilities of the sport, putting distance covered, sprint speed and a positional heat-map right at your fingertips. […]

PlayerTek Fitness Series: ‘Speed Slalom’ Training Video

Fancy yourself to be in the mould of Riyad Mahrez? Then look no further than this training drill as Leicester City’s Head of Fitness and Conditioning has shared the ‘Speed Slalom’ to work on your pace, dribbling and acceleration. Measure out a distance of roughly 30 to 40 metres with cones or poles a few […]

Six Reasons Coaches Are Using GPS Athlete Monitoring

Football coaches, soccer coaches, and lacrosse coaches have a lot in common. They all want the same things for their teams – to help their athletes develop, provide a safe environment for their players, and give their teams the best chance for success on the field. At PlayerTek, we’ve worked with thousands of coaches all […]

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