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PLAYERTEK creates revolutionary wearable GPS technology that tracks, analyses and improves the performance of teams and individual players.

Playertek For Teams

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Made for Teams

Our team solution is a revolutionary GPS athlete monitoring system that helps coaches make more informed decisions to improve their athletes' performance.

Team Solution


The core data that accurately displays your game


See how you match up against your teammates or other players


Use your game data to tailor training

Made for Players

Our wearable tracker and iOS app are made for individual football players who want to track their performance and compare themselves against friends and professional players.


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Three Ways to Improve your Football Performance with Playertek

Nicolas Miranda is a sports scientist at Catapult Sports. Over the past ten years, Catapult has provided team performance analytics to the likes of A.C. Milan, Ajax, PSG, Atletico Madrid, Brazil, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Leicester, Newcastle, Rangers, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. Related Articles So You Think You’re a Pro? Playertek Data Uncovers the Real […]

Understanding PLAYERTEK TEAM metrics

The amount of information available from PLAYERTEK TEAM can be overwhelming for first-time users, but each metric provides important information regarding team and player performance. Related Articles Four ways PLAYERTEK TEAM can enhance your coaching September 28, 2017 By Paula Keve Playertek Team

Four ways PLAYERTEK TEAM can enhance your coaching

As you know only too well, coaches are busy people often managing multiple roles both personally and professionally. As you balance competitive instincts with the need to keep your players safe and protect against injury, informing your sessions with reliable, objective data can transform the way you manage your players. Related Articles Understanding PLAYERTEK TEAM […]

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