To celebrate #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, we decided to get in touch with one of our favourite Youtubers, Ben Black. A PlayerTek user, find out what Ben had to say about our technology, the world of vlogging and what promises to be a huge year in football.

You’re someone who sleeps, eats and breaths football, but how has PlayerTek impacted you?

“Yeah, I definitely sleep, eat and breathe football! I’m someone who wants to improve at every aspect, so with the amount of information PlayerTek provides I can easily see where I need to improve. I’ve used it a few times in games and things like seeing where I drop off in the second half of games has helped a lot – now I know I need to improve my stamina so I can put just as much effort into the second half as the first.”

Just the hat-trick the first time you used our technology at our open matchday, but what did you make of your stats? 

“Just the hat-trick, wasn’t the prettiest hat-trick but goals are goals. It was actually really eye-opening. I’ve never used anything like PlayerTek before, so I when I went through everything I was pretty pleased. I was first or second on all the lists, although I definitely feel like I could’ve done better.”

While you clearly know where the goal is, how has PlayerTek helped you improve in training and games?

“The main thing for me was seeing that there was a big difference between the first and second half and I should be able to consistently give a high level throughout the game.”

There are plenty of reasons to love our technology, but what’s your favourite thing about PlayerTek?

“Favourite thing about PlayerTek? There are a lot of things I like, but I’d have to say the heat map got my attention the most. It was really cool to see that and very helpful!”

You’ve taken the time out to talk to us all the way from from Barcelona, how’s life in the city? 

“It’’s amazing here. I’ve lived in the countryside most of my life so the city is different to what I’m used to, but I’m loving it. The weather, the lifestyle, the beach, everything here is really nice and chilled out. Also the football everyday here is a big plus.”

There’s plenty of glamour and travel judging by your videos, but what’s life actually like as a Youtuber?

“It’s a lot more than most people think, there’s loads stuff that goes on that most people don’t see. Every single day I’m filming, editing, planning new videos, taking photos, sending emails, replying to comments, working on merchandise and the website – the list goes on. It’s not just YouTube though, my biggest focus is on at the moment where I have 812k followers. People are expecting videos everyday that are better than the last video and more creative. Just this year, I’ve uploaded over 50 videos to so it’s pretty non-stop haha.”

Was it something you always imagined doing? Tell us how you got into the world of vlogging…

“Nope, I honestly thought my videos would all be football based but as my fanbase has grown more people have got interested in me as a person not just my football skills. I thought the best way to do my videos would be to get both sides of football and my personality – vlogging allowed me to do that.”

More and more people are following your example and uploading about all things football, but what advice would you give to aspiring Youtubers?

“The main thing is to do things differently. I was one of the first footballers on and I’m now the most followed football account in the world on”

If there was ever a reason to get into Youtube, it was your 2017 highlights video. If you had to pick your favourite moment, what would it be?

“Thank you! Pretty crazy to think the majority of the experiences in that video all came from social media. I loved pretty much every second of 2017 but my favourite moment was probably being on a private jet. Definitely didn’t think I’d be doing that!”

This year is already shaping up to be bigger and better – what can we look out for in the coming weeks? 

“Hopefully it can be bigger and better, I’ve definitely made a stronger start! The World Cup is this year, so I really want to get involved in that as much as possible. is going really well at the moment too so I’m going to start growing my other social media platforms as well. I think the main thing is knowing that this won’t last forever, so taking these crazy opportunities whilst I can is very important.

“Taking risks is a big thing as well – I moved to Barcelona for three months on three days notice at the start of last year. I knew no one in Barcelona, I didn’t have a large following and I was basically leaving all the work opportunities behind. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, so expect some big things this year!”

Finally, if you had to pick, who’s winning the Champions League this year? 

“I’m a big Man City fan so if I had to choose it would have to be them.”