Sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities – we’ve got the holidays wrapped up in a bow for the soccer-mad loved ones in your life. Forget the unnecessary stress of shopping around, we’ve complied a list of unique gifts that will not only amaze, but avoids the tedious shirts, shin pads and club-embezzled coffee mugs that are repeated year after year.

Price: $199.00/£149.00

This compilation wouldn’t be complete without one of our own products, right? Regardless, PlayerTek will be top of every budding soccer player’s wishlist as our revolutionary GPS system is changing the face of the sport.

Aspiring athletes have never been closer to professionalism as our technology gives them the opportunity to track, analyse and ultimately raise their game. Equipped with sensors capturing 2500 measurements every second, accurate data such as sprint speed, distance covered and power output is right at your finger tips. Analytics has been the lynchpin of elite soccer for sometime, and the same will soon be said for every level of the game.

‘Tis the season for giving, so we’re offering huge savings on devices with a holiday discount. Don’t take it just from us though, these guys also think PlayerTek is this year’s must-have gift.

Concave’s Onyx Strike Pack
Price: $184.99/£139.99 

There’s an effortless beauty to the simplicity of all-black football cleats, and Concave have captured that sophisticated essence with their latest range. Looking good on the pitch has never been easier thanks to the Onyx Strike Pack, which features their popular Volt, Aura and Halo models. There’s substance to the style too, as their PowerStrike technology has been proven to increase power and accuracy by up to 15 per cent.

Everyone in the game knows about Concave’s rising stock in the world of soccer apparel, and with USA legend DaMarcus Beasley, Reading goalkeeper Vito Mannone and Rugby League’s Benny Roberts all part of #CaveGang, this collection is getting some serious love. They’re even offering 10% off your first order, so there’s no excuse to miss out on the hottest cleats in the market right now. You can check them out here.

Elastic therapeutic tape
Price: $24.99/£10.99

If you’ve watched a match recently, you might have wondered why certain players insist on covering their body with what appears to be colourful sellotape. It may look odd, but there’s certainly method to the madness – elastic therapeutic tape treats pain, aligns weak muscles and improves joint mobility.

For those who just can’t stay fit, this is a stocking-filler’s dream due to it’s affordability and practicality. Taping can help those struggling with an injury, and used in tandem with PlayerTek’s workload management, it’s possible to lower the risk of an issue occurring.

Private Label’s SMART bag
Price: $140.00

It’s a chore carrying the essentials to and from training week in, week out, so let Private Label’s SMART bag remove the monotony of having to organise your kit bag. Created with cleats in mind, the stylish satchel features a moveable smart divider, a sneaker case and the same amount of room as a 22” suitcase.

A recent collaboration with Pharrel Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club clothing line is further evidence that the SMART bag means business, and with all that equipment capacity, there’s more than enough space for your PlayerTek device.

Escape belt
Price: $8.00/£6.00

While it’s namesake will undoubtably be on Harry Houdini’s wishlist, the escape belt is strictly for athletes. A clever training device becoming increasingly popular at top-level soccer clubs, the belt enhances speed, agility and strength by attaching two players together with durable velcro.

The aim is to break the connection with sudden sprints and changes in direction, while the opposing player must try to keep the link intact by following every movement. PlayerTek’s speed, sprint and distance measurements can ensure this device is used effectively.