Playertek is starting to gather even more pace. We now have people from 82 countries using the system, with close to half a million sessions downloaded. Soccer players using Playertek have covered 2.8 million kilometres (2.8 billion metres!!) of distance – that’s 70 times round the earth, including 200,000 kilometres of sprint distance from 4.7 million sprints!

But, being ambitious sporty types, we want to enable even more people to improve their soccer performance. So when 78% of you asked for an Android app, we listened. Today, we’re pleased to release our Android app.

The Playertek app for Android will have an identical look and feel to the iOS app and boasts exactly the same functionality.  Check this out for a recap on how Playertek can help improve your game, what the tech measures, and why the Playertek system gives a more accurate picture of your game than any other smart watch or tech out there.

Publications such as The Mirror, Wired, Metro, City AM, Trusted Reviews well as blogs like Copa90 and 90 minutes have given Playertek a firm thumbs up, so follow us @playertek and stay in touch #playertek. We love to see your stats.

Get yours now!